I Will Kill My Rapist

I will kill my rapist
when he comes for me.
When he lunges from the shadows
he will die.
he will slump, in agony
a puzzled look of failure
on his face.

Yes, I will kill my rapist.
I will not go down
and suffer in my silence
like so many did before me.
I will not buckle to that man
or the men who tell me, later
that one day I will learn
to release the pain.

I will kill my rapist
and it will cleanse me.
No jury will convict me
and in fact
every sister will be thankful
I spared them his next rape.
I will kill my rapist
and be proud.



All the lines
run down me
like metal stripes
or alien implants –
every nerve connected
one to one.

It’s not the touch
that does it,
its when the
eyes attach.
The sight becomes

There is something ancient in your scent.

Fire becomes
to fire and
like repels
the like.
The current running
through me like a bolt.

Every sense
is heightened.
I will have you.
They will know.
You are outside me now
but not for long.