I Will Kill My Rapist

I will kill my rapist
when he comes for me.
When he lunges from the shadows
he will die.
he will slump, in agony
a puzzled look of failure
on his face.

Yes, I will kill my rapist.
I will not go down
and suffer in my silence
like so many did before me.
I will not buckle to that man
or the men who tell me, later
that one day I will learn
to release the pain.

I will kill my rapist
and it will cleanse me.
No jury will convict me
and in fact
every sister will be thankful
I spared them his next rape.
I will kill my rapist
and be proud.


16 responses

  1. Hilariously, back on MySpace there’s a huge brouhaha over some LIberal twit who thinks that safety from rape is something women want, like a Jill Sanders bag or a set of Jimmys – not what we deserve, not a right. The poor fool is getting buffeted from all directions! You sum it all up with fierce strength.

    • Oh yeah, that is Lance Strate. What a head-up-his-ass, paternalistic fool he made of himself – so patronizing! he is getting a reaming there and he brought it all on himself.

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