A Love Poem for the end of the American Empire, or Fuck You, Obama, I’m getting my ass laid.

Now. here’s something fascinating
my paycheck’s shrinking but my heart is growing
larger, when I look into
your hungry eyes.

You talk too much, you know it
the world is sliding off it’s own edge
we should be bangin’
apocalypse sex out there.

Falling in love against the decline
and fall of our American empire
The country’s flat broke
but my heart is bursting with gold.

Fuck Obama, fuck the forty-seven
fuck the drones and fuck the whole gay thing.
Fuck anything you want
just as long as you fuck me soon.


I Will Kill My Rapist

I will kill my rapist
when he comes for me.
When he lunges from the shadows
he will die.
he will slump, in agony
a puzzled look of failure
on his face.

Yes, I will kill my rapist.
I will not go down
and suffer in my silence
like so many did before me.
I will not buckle to that man
or the men who tell me, later
that one day I will learn
to release the pain.

I will kill my rapist
and it will cleanse me.
No jury will convict me
and in fact
every sister will be thankful
I spared them his next rape.
I will kill my rapist
and be proud.