Where is your God now?

You elect angels to heaven
but where is your God now?
and the gutters choke with
blood and gore – where is your God now?

Where is your spur heeled protector?
you judge of wrong and right
your lover whose love you may not truly know
where is your God now?

You prayed for him, he never came
as the beast tore the lambs apart
you said “my God is my justice”
but what justice did he give?
where is your God now?

So pray to that one thin hope that you have
over the mounds of thre bloodless dead.
But when the shadows come creeping
from the light they once shone, ask

where is your God now?


The Poison

They slaughtered the beast
that was trying to lead us
out of the valley
up to the high plains.
They roasted its corpse
and tore it to pieces,
convinced of their own
moral correctness.

And they burned down the kitchen
and turned loose the dogs.
Their fingers were greasy.
they burned down the kitchen.
they burned down the kitchen.
Greasy dogs running
away from the flames.
They turned all the starving dogs loose

And wine was all catered
with money they conjured.
With money they conjured.
By a waiter they hired
from a land to the east, where no one speaks English.
And the wine was the poison –
from their poisoned ideals.
From vanity, priv’lige and hate

And they burned down the kitchen
and they passed out the poison .
And they let the dogs loose.
And they drove drunk and fast.
And they stole all the money or conjured some more
and they drenched their Lord
in purple and amber.
and their smirking Lord sharpened his knife.

And the men from the east
counted the money, ‘while
the sick they got sicker
and the witless got fat.
And the blind they got blinder
and the lamer they got lamer.
And the poison it flowed
from the table, like gold.