For a minute

If you could be serious
for just one moment and
stop all this frat boy
you would see I’d been
waiting more than forever.
My love is perfection.
Stop for a minute.


Earthquake Summer

I got used to Hurricanes
blowing off the Jersey banks
whipping through the grimy streets
and the bourgeoise backlots
of leafy Glen Haven.
We get a lot of Hurricanes
here, in upstate Jersey

So. imagine my shock
my thrill and
my delighted horror
as the ground started shaking
my legs started trembling
and the molten fluids
began to flow –
earthquake summer!

Oh, the lawn chairs overtoppled
the pool rippled and
oversplashed, water, oh, so wet!
certain walls, old
and dusty standing
crumbled to the ground
I felt the earth move,for me
earthquake summer!

We get the odd brush fire
even though I cleared my brush
mudslides are uncommon
unless tequila is involved
earthquakes, they are
a once off
but who knows, I might get lucky
earthquake summer!