The Whack Attack (El Ataque de Golpe)

You slap me on
my ghetto booty
as if you are
slumming tonight
they call it
crossing the tracks
in this part of town
guys like you
with a greasy roll of
5s, but mostly singles
looking for something
to take a ride with you

That’s what you like,
isn’t it?
Nasty little
girls with a grudge
against themselves
and an eye for an
uptown daddy,
who you can get your
hook into.
Stupid. Vapid.
easy and
Greedy for ease.

Hell, I’m as
ghetto as an Irish-Italian girl
from the second least ghetto
township in the Federal 50
can be. And
I’m as “urban” as the
daughter of the President
of the local chapter
of the GOP can be. Really.

I am.

Bitches ain’t shit
and you’re tripping, daddy.
Now fuck off back to Plainfield.


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