Da Sleeeeeeze

All whipped up, Ms Grimy Sunshine
rain on the steps of a Brooklyn brownstone
down the bodega off of Hinsdale St
tits hanging out and the boys falling off their feet…

trawling late night for some meat-free porn
shit stirring dirt flinging dusk til dawn
find some 12 year old boy who will buy your routine
you bring the finger nails, he buys the Bactine….

when you were younger than you are you tried to change the world
but that was such hard work and no-one knows who you were
now you’re a chest beating, cheat bearing superstar
stopping strangers on the streets and asking them if they know who you are…

Check box analysis, superior means
a self made self styled east coast queen
all the right convictions for all the right causes
all of them attested to but none of them lived for

See you dragging down the sidewalk with the drooling boys
small change lovers who would pass you buy
it’s all up for sale, boys, nickels and dime
I’ll look at your it you will l‎et me show you mine