Pay The Devil (Tambourine)

You know, I know
the devil shaking in my legs knows
nerves are clanking
like a gospel tambourine.
Fingernails scraping
white stripes in the wood
legs are trembling
in the ecstasies of

I used to think church
was the place to feel the spirit
when my spirit was light, but
as I got older, my spirit
looked to clinging, to hover
in the fringes of the bowels
of the dark and desperate
hells we call out nature

Tonight, Hell is on
this Atlantic City dancefloor
hell is a court with the
thrones in 750 dollar booths
Hell is red patent leather
and a 16 dollar cocktail
and five flights of stairs
Hell is my heaven to me.

I’m not a woman of faith
I have no use or desire
for God. No thrist in my spirit
he can quell,
The devil is a different matter,
the devil I love to corner
oh and I love to pay the devil
he loves to take my coin.

‘po Bitch

‘po bitches in the clubs

nursing vl&t
sawing the hips
in something cheap from R38
eyes cruising the gloom
no guy wants to buy
a ‘po bitch a drink.

‘po bitches come in from
clifton or secaucus
pure meadlowlands
down to the cheap
and glittery shoes
dumb as plank, but willing
‘po bitches in the booth

‘po bitch’ll suck his cock
in the shower
let him film himself
fucking her
a few hard slaps on the ass
for porn tube
‘po bitches 4 lyf.

Tooth and Claw


Tooth and claw
Tooth and claw
So we’re here, ready,
ripped and raw.
We feast on what
we hunger for.
Tooth and claw
Tooth and claw

Tooth and claw
Tooth and claw
What dark country
will we explore?
What shut off room
or corridor?
Tooth and claw
Tooth and claw

Claw and Tooth
claw and Tooth
In these ruthless rooms
we cry the truth.
One beast to bait
one beast to soothe
claw and Tooth
claw and Tooth

Fang and nail
tongue and tip
Hands the glide
and hands that grip.
The lies lay dressed,
what’s pure lays stripped.
Fang and nail
tongue and tip

Tooth and claw
Tooth and claw
We are not what
we were before.
We’ve bitten to
the fatal flaw.
Tooth and claw
Tooth and claw

Tooth and claw
Tooth and claw
You scratch and cut
into my core.
I am your prisoner
of war.
Tooth and claw
Tooth and claw

I’ve been busy

I’ve been busy
I’ve been learning how to hate.
I’ve been working on my rage
I’ve been learning to piss
standing up.
I’be been watching my P’s a Q’s.
I have been busy.

I’ve been going to war
I’ve been playing the
I’ve been learning how to drive
a stick.
I’ve gotten into the business
of inverting paradigms
I’ve been fucking with the
I’ve been busy.

I’ve been running
with scissors
and impersonating Elvis
I’ve been fucking in the bushes
I’ve been shaving
off my bush.
I’ve been trying new positions.
I’ve been busy.

Clap of Thunder

Clap of Thunder in the distance
somewhere trouble dons its boots
struck in wonder, the whole world listens
tree of woe now brings its fruits

Who will wander, who will stay
at the path of right and justice
who will go under, who will pay
for this hell been wrought among us

Clap of thunder sounds a warning
bell of omen, peal of doom
we all well could be dead by morning
if not us, then pray tell, whom?

Big Mean Man

In the dark
I hear the suffle
of dancer’s feet.

I see lightning
I feel thunder
and rising heat.

I feel a tremble
a premonition
I can’t explain

there’ll be doom
there’ll be destruction
and lovely pain.

Big mean man
put your fingers
on my wrist.

Big mean man
what I most fear
I can’t resist.

Big mean man
be big
and mean to me.

A Love Poem for the end of the American Empire, or Fuck You, Obama, I’m getting my ass laid.

Now. here’s something fascinating
my paycheck’s shrinking but my heart is growing
larger, when I look into
your hungry eyes.

You talk too much, you know it
the world is sliding off it’s own edge
we should be bangin’
apocalypse sex out there.

Falling in love against the decline
and fall of our American empire
The country’s flat broke
but my heart is bursting with gold.

Fuck Obama, fuck the forty-seven
fuck the drones and fuck the whole gay thing.
Fuck anything you want
just as long as you fuck me soon.

I Will Kill My Rapist

I will kill my rapist
when he comes for me.
When he lunges from the shadows
he will die.
he will slump, in agony
a puzzled look of failure
on his face.

Yes, I will kill my rapist.
I will not go down
and suffer in my silence
like so many did before me.
I will not buckle to that man
or the men who tell me, later
that one day I will learn
to release the pain.

I will kill my rapist
and it will cleanse me.
No jury will convict me
and in fact
every sister will be thankful
I spared them his next rape.
I will kill my rapist
and be proud.

Where is your God now?

You elect angels to heaven
but where is your God now?
and the gutters choke with
blood and gore – where is your God now?

Where is your spur heeled protector?
you judge of wrong and right
your lover whose love you may not truly know
where is your God now?

You prayed for him, he never came
as the beast tore the lambs apart
you said “my God is my justice”
but what justice did he give?
where is your God now?

So pray to that one thin hope that you have
over the mounds of thre bloodless dead.
But when the shadows come creeping
from the light they once shone, ask

where is your God now?